Students clamor for working ice cream machine in Upper Farinon while Lafayette razes entire block of College Hill

Uproar on Lafayette’s campus continues as the College plans to steamroll another city block despite students begging the senior administration for a working soft serve ice cream machine in the Upper dining area. Students remain staunchly opposed to the 18-million-dollar capital project while they continue to wait for an ice cream machine that isn’t out […]

Meet the Editors

What did you discover about yourself while being away from campus? Ben Fuller, Editor-in-Chief I discovered exactly how loud I could play music in my room before my parents started to complain (not nearly as loud as I would hope). I also discovered that the little noise canceling devices that therapists use outside their offices […]

Editorial: It’s beyond time to end racism and sexual violence at Lafayette

If you didn’t already know that racism and sexual violence are pervasive and ingrained in the Lafayette community, you should now. The hundreds of testimonies on the Black at Lafayette and Anti-Violence Lafayette Instagram pages offer irrefutable evidence that the Lafayette experience is neither safe nor equitable for all. Don’t be fooled by the illusion of the […]

Varsity teams to hold Zoom practices

Due to the coronavirus ending the athletic season, many teams are forced to continue their practices over Zoom, a video chat application. The decision was announced by Patriot League President Duncan Schute. “We hold out athletes to the highest standards,” Schute said. “They will need to elevate their game quarantine or no quarantine.” Baseball teams […]