Meet the Editors

What did you miss the most while being away from Lafayette this summer? Editor-in-Chief: Lucie Lagodich Living on Monroe Street, I missed that sense of community that I didn’t have this past summer or during the pandemic. The ability to ask your neighbors if they have powdered sugar and watch them grab a megaphone and blast it […]

All remaining snow moved into Greek houses in last-ditch effort to keep them white

For the past week, all Greek Organizations at Lafayette have frantically been relocating all remaining snow into their respective houses in order to keep them as white as possible. “The seasons are changing and so are the demographics of the fraternity,” an anonymous fraternity president shared with The Lafayette. “This is unacceptable. We are dedicated […]

College still co-ed

As students and faculty reflect on the past 50 years of co-education at Lafayette, one thing has become abundantly clear: the admission of women into the college has led to nothing but trouble. On June 1, 1967, a committee was established to explore the possibility of admitting females to degree programs at Lafayette College. Committee […]

Lafayette introduces Virtual Quad

Due to the college’s concerns about an influx of students enjoying time on the Quad as warmer weather approaches, Lafayette administrators made the executive decision to institute a “Virtual Quad,” in which students can log in and access lawn games, have social interactions, and enjoy time in the sun from the comfort of their laptops. […]

Bailey Health Center to provide self-administering COVID-19 vaccine kits to all Lafayette students

In response to elevated concerns of community transmission of COVID-19, Bailey Health Center will be operating completely remotely for the rest of the spring 2021 semester, leaving students with no place to discreetly collect free condoms they won’t use. Bailey has committed to provide each Lafayette College student with a self-administering vaccine kit complete with […]