Op-ed: A letter from sports section alumni

Dear Lafayette Community, As sports staff writer alumni of The Lafayette, we feel that it is our duty to speak out on behalf of the current newspaper staff. We commend The Lafayette for delivering hard hitting journalism— while balancing full class loads— in a tumultuous time for the media not just on College Hill, but […]

Letter to the Editor

I am writing in response to last week’s paper concerning the volleyball program. I have been affiliated with the program in various ways since 2002 as the faculty liaison and academic adviser and I have worked almost every home volleyball game during the past 10 years as line judge or at the scorer’s table. In […]

Editorial: Why The Lafayette should be able to contact student-athletes directly

Athletic department officials have recently notified their student-athletes of a change in procedure: inquiries from The Lafayette are to go through the athletic communications division. While the department has not put this in writing as an official policy, and there is no penalty for violating it, it is becoming standard procedure which our reporters have […]