Lafayette to abolish the tiered housing system and switch to ‘blended housing’ in the upcoming years

The college is planning to phase out the 5-tiered housing system currently in place and replace it with a “blended” housing model with just two rates, though the timeline for this change is currently unclear. Under the new system, there would be one rate for on-campus housing and one for off-campus. The most likely implementation […]

Lafayette enrollment numbers fluctuate as Posse program runs smoothly

Out of an abundance of caution amidst the pandemic, many colleges opted for online or hybrid instruction this academic year. This decision posed challenges for both enrollment offices at colleges across America and for countless incoming freshmen, whose decisions to attend university were thrown into question.  A report from the National Student House Clearing Center […]

Gwen Goldman standing in front of a background full of colorful lines.

Student Artist Spotlight: Artist Gwen Goldman ’21 speaks on her intersecting passions of art and science

For Gwen Goldman ’21, the personal nature and humanism of art is what makes it so beautiful and special. The art and biology double major has always been “an artsy kid,” she said. But she didn’t take her first official art class until her freshman year in college, when she took Introduction to Drawing with […]

Student Activist Spotlight: Milena Berestko ’22 reflects on international approach to social justice

Ever since she moved to the United States from Poland at the age of 15, Milena Berestko ’22 has made an effort to educate herself on topics of social justice issues like racism, homophobia and xenophobia. These efforts have strengthened Berestko’s identity as an activist, she said, on both sides of the Atlantic. “In the […]

Melissa Shusterman smiling in front of a blurred background.

State representative Melissa L. Shusterman ’89 on the importance of women in politics

For many, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential loss was discouraging. For Melissa L. Shusterman ’89, State Representative of the 157th District of Pennsylvania, it was motivating. “A woman losing the presidency meant that many industries could continue to harass and intimidate women, overlook them for positions of power and continue paying them less than men,” Shusterman […]