Georgetown University Professor Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò discusses masculinity and emotional availability

For philosopher Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò, reexamining how individuals display emotion can help re-imagine male socialization as a resource rather than an impediment. On Thursday afternoon, over 40 students and professors gathered over Zoom to attend a lecture about emotional labor led by Táíwò, a philosophy professor at Georgetown University. Táíwò is currently writing a book called […]

‘A justice that challenges anthropocentrism’: Harlan Weaver speaks on antagonization of the pitbull

“In the catalogue they go for men As hounds, and greyhounds, mongrels, spaniels, all by the name of dogs… That writes them alike—and so of men—”  Harlan Weaver, professor of gender, women, and sexuality studies at Kansas State University, used this Shakespearean quote adapted from Edward Long to explain the antagonization of “America’s Most Wanted” […]

How will the future of global politics be shaped by the next president?: Panel of experts discuss impact of US elections

American politics are “critical” on the world stage, according to Professor Angelika von Wahl, chairwoman of the International Affairs Program and moderator of last week’s panel entitled “The Impact of US Elections on Global Politics.” The panel was composed of professors Ilan Peleg, Seo-Hyun Park, Christopher Lee, Hannah Stewart-Gambino and Mathieu Perrot, each of whom […]

‘We are moving in the right direction’: Student Government and PASA launch the Consent Campaign

Sexual violence is pervasive across college campuses in the United States, and Lafayette College is no exception. Among undergraduate students, it is estimated that 26 percent of females and seven percent of males experience rape or other forms of sexual assault, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. To address this, Student Government […]