‘When it comes to what we should believe, morality’s got some bite’: Professors Rima Basu and Joseph Shieber explore the ethics of belief

Imagine an elite country club in which all of the staff members are black and very few of the guests are black. Two wealthy white women mistake one of the black guests for a member of the staff. Though it was not a “straightforward” mistake, professor Rima Basu of the Claremont McKenna philosophy department urges […]

Tori Schoen ’20 provides illustrations for new children’s book ‘Why Can’t I Play With My Friends?’

It is difficult to imagine what is going through the mind of a child living through the pandemic with all of the restrictions and risks it has imposed on everyday life. This past Monday, Tori Schoen ’20 and her former tutor Sherry Lottero, published their picture book, “Why Can’t I Play With My Friends? A […]