‘Students have really locked arms’: Goldstein, Diorio cautiously optimistic about violations of COVID guidelines

In a fall semester with COVID-19 outbreaks reported at colleges around the country, Lafayette remains an outlier with just six confirmed cases and no new cases since August 24. The majority of the 625 students residing on campus have followed the guidelines for safety, college officials said, while avoiding the most serious punishments like suspension […]

Five new student groups bring opportunities for virtual semester and beyond

Being hundreds of miles apart has not stopped Lafayette students from coming together. Five new student-led organizations that debuted last spring just prior to the coronavirus shutdown or over the summer are back and ready to make an impact after receiving official recognition by the college this fall. The organizations cover a wide range of […]

Irvin Weathersby discusses the power of art in a reading of his forthcoming book ‘In Open Contempt’

While many people find themselves amazed by the beauty of art and monuments, they may not take the time to truly understand the history or symbolism behind them. Author Irvin Weathersby’s forthcoming book, “In Open Contempt,” takes its readers on this journey of education and recognition. Weathersby, the Brooklyn-based author and professor, read an excerpt […]