Athletic department tight-lipped on past alleged issues with volleyball program and termination of former head coach Terri Campbell

A “change in leadership.” That’s all the Lafayette athletics department said when they announced in December that veteran head coach Terri Dadio Campbell ‘92 would no longer lead the women’s volleyball team. An investigation by The Lafayette has found, however, that Campbell—who coached several teams at colleges in Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania during a […]

Editorial: Why The Lafayette should be able to contact student-athletes directly

Athletic department officials have recently notified their student-athletes of a change in procedure: inquiries from The Lafayette are to go through the athletic communications division. While the department has not put this in writing as an official policy, and there is no penalty for violating it, it is becoming standard procedure which our reporters have […]

‘Gem of the geology department’: Department secretary known as ‘Geo-mom’ pursues college degree

Rohana Meyerson is in pursuit of a geology degree at Lafayette, while also being the department’s secretary. She is in charge of budgets, preparing for brown bag seminars, making sure food is delivered and anything else that may need to be done. Meanwhile, she has taken eight classes in the geology department since 2014, and […]

Halfway through the LVEHC Grant, handlers of $950,000 sum reflect on accomplishments

Co-directors Andrea Smith and Charlotte Nunes spoke about the Lehigh Valley Engaged Humanities Consortium (LVEHC) grant with the grant principal investigator Provost Abu Rizvi on Wednesday. Smith is a professor of anthropology and sociology at the college, and Nunes is the director of digital scholarship services. Smith, Nunes and Rizvi collaborated with coordinator Kate Pitts […]

Netflix Review: Uninspiring and unoriginal, ‘The Perfect Date’ rehashes Netflix’s familiar formula

Netflix sure loves soppy teen romance. “The Perfect Date,” starring Noah Centineo of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” Laura Marano of “Austin and Ally,” and Camilla Mendes of “Riverdale,” combines young Hollywood’s recognizable faces into a plain, unoriginal film about teenage drama. Playing on Hollywood classism tropes, Brooks Rattigan, Noah Centineo, is from a […]

Movie Review: With signature humor and shocking twists, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ meets high expectations

Eleven years ago, comic fans, film enthusiasts, and superhero fanatics walked out of the 2008 movie “Iron Man” with generally positive reviews. Little did they know, the B-List superhero film would become the beginning of over a decade of successful and beloved movies—leading up to 2019’s three-hour cinematic culmination “Avengers: Endgame.” At risk of giving […]

Professor and historian Dr. Nitzan Lebovic discusses ways in which the Holocaust is remembered

“The Holocaust was not only about erasing the physical bodies of Jewish people, but erasing the memories and complete existence of Jewish people and culture,” said Lehigh University history Professor and historian Dr. Nitzan Lebovic. He explained during his talk entitled “Why does the Holocaust matter now?” that this is an important distinction that needs […]

Students discuss ways to address ‘problematic’ Sullivan monument

In a 1779 letter, George Washington tasked Major General John Sullivan with “the total destruction and devastation of [American Indian] settlements and the capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible.” Two-hundred-and-forty years later, Lafayette’s campus is still home to a monument commemorating Sullivan’s bloody march, as well as a parking […]

Club crew continues to gain momentum ahead of Dad Vail regatta with first place finishes

The Lafayette club crew team won six out of eight races at the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference (MARC) regatta last Saturday in Lewisberry, Pa. Both the men’s and women’s varsity-4 boats emerged victorious, joining the women’s and men’s varsity pair boats, and the women’s novice-4 and novice-8 boats in the win column. “Our team performed outstandingly […]