College unveils ‘ambitious’ new Climate Action Plan, aims for carbon neutrality

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Lafayette College Climate Action Plan 2.0 last Saturday, thereby committing the college to go carbon neutral by 2035. Chair of the Board Robert Sell and President Alison Byerly said they were both impressed with the presentation of the plan put on by the Climate Action Plan committee members, […]

A comedy-packed fantasy with a ‘heartfelt story,’ ‘She Kills Monsters’ debuts tonight

“She Kills Monsters” is exhilarating, fast-paced and incredibly fun to watch. At the center are the leads Emma Kay Krebs ’20 and Paris Doherty ’21. The entire show relies on their chemistry, which abounds. The show is wrapped with incredible set design, costume design, and fight choreography. The lighting design for the show is dynamic and […]

Toward a healthier campus culture surrounding sexual assault: panelists discuss resources and challenges

Student board members of Pards Against Sexual Assault (PASA) told a packed audience on Wednesday that “we are all participating in the culture surrounding sexual misconduct.” Dean of Conduct Jennifer Dize and Educational Equity Coordinator Jessica Brown joined Reeve Lanigan ’19 and Nahin Ferdousi ’19 of PASA in a panel discussion on sexual assault Wednesday […]

Easton, the new windy city: campus loses power temporarily after 30 mph wind gusts

Strong gusts of wind roared through the Lehigh Valley on Monday, reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service. The wind blasts blew the college’s power out on Monday morning for about an hour and several classes were canceled as a result. The National Weather Service issued a high […]

Blackness in Shakespearean works: English professor Ian Smith discusses class on dispelling ‘racial blind spots’

This past week, English Professor Ian Smith orchestrated a symposium on a previously taught class of his, Black Shakespeare. Smith described the course’s aim to acknowledge that there is evidence of blackness in Shakespearean plays, adding that the class aims to “slowly, carefully make those [ideas] visible so we can begin to see them,” he said […]

The dangers of forgetting history: artist Čedomir Vasić draws inspiration from historical artworks

Multimedia artist Čedomir Vasić discussed works in his collection such as “Mutable Images,” and “Shifting Vision” this past Monday. His art works are comprised of lenticular, traditional prints and videos. Vasić explained that the essence of his work is the idea that every image is changing, “optically, physically and mentally,” adding that this is often a […]

Learning ‘as I live through it’: Idil Tanrisever ’19 honored as finalist for Global Citizen of the Year Award

Although Turkey native Idil Tanrisever ’19 is already far from home at Lafayette, she continued to expand her horizons after she got to campus. She studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina her junior spring semester in 2018, where she made a difference in the lives of others. Tanrisever was named a finalist for the IES […]

All the colors of the rainbow and beyond: Professor Michael Butler discusses research in Jones Lecture

“Green is in the eye of the beholder,” quipped biology professor Michael Butler, before going on to explain the true nature of color as a spectrum of photons. Butler celebrated gaining tenure by giving a lecture on one of his areas of research: color in the animal kingdom. The talk, “Colorful Animals in a Challenging […]