Netflix Review: ‘Bandersnatch’ is compelling, but novelty quickly wears off

Amongst all the holiday treats, the weirdest and most quirky goes to “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” an interactive Netflix movie from the creators of, you guessed it, “Black Mirror.” “Bandersnatch” follows a young video game programmer, Stefan, who is slowly consumed by the virtual world he created, which is a video game after which the film […]

Faculty to be more focused in expansion oversight as demolition on McCartney Street to begin this month

Walking past the site for the college’s new four-story McCartney Street dorm in the coming weeks, students may notice the presence of fences as the area’s transformation commences, and the family-style homes begin to disappear. In early December, the college received permission from the Easton Planning Commission to begin the first part of its expansion […]