Netflix review: With ‘hormone monsters’ and awkwardness, Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ is a relatable teenage trip

We all remember the cystic zits and uncontrollable angst of our adolescence. Scientists have determined our young prefrontal cortex is not fully developed during our teenage years, which explains our poor decision-making. However, during puberty, the experience for us was much more complex than a pubescent brain structure. Netflix’s “Big Mouth” shows all the complexity […]

How Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’ has impacted the life of professor Walter Wadiak

Although English professor Walter Wadiak’s passion is focused on the medieval era, he is particularly fond of Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse” because of how it changed his perspective on life. Wadiak received a Ph.D. from UC-Irvine and his teaching interests revolve around medieval literature. He is the author of “Savage Economy: The Returns of […]

Podcast Review: Inside ISIS: “Caliphate” a fearless investigation into recruitment, radicalization

A shockingly candid and thrilling series, “Caliphate” elevates journalistic standards and listeners’ heart rates. In her award-winning series, New York Times investigative reporter Rukmini Callimachi takes listeners onto the physical and digital frontlines of ISIS, a complicated terrorist organization with an even more complex past. First thing’s first, “Caliphate” is not for the faint-hearted.  This […]

Sustainability Committee holds open meeting, discusses biodiversity, sustainability month

At its open meeting this week, the Lafayette Sustainability Committee hosted members from campus to discuss ongoing sustainability efforts and increase awareness of their long-term goals. Though meetings are not generally open to the public without an RSVP, the committee welcomed students this week to discuss the committee’s current projects and their plans for campus […]