Movie Review: ‘Assassination Nation’ proves to be a “hot piece of garbage.”

“Assassination Nation” is a classic case of poor marketing. The film, directed by Sam Levinson, stars Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse and Abra. “Assassination Nation” is pitched as a modern retelling of the Salem Witch Trials, which was a period of mass hysteria when women and girls were executed on charges of witchcraft in 1692 in […]

By the numbers

-115 — scoring differential through four games for football 0.72 — goals allowed per game by freshman goalkeeper Alex Sutton for men’s soccer 51 — saves through 10 games by sophomore goalkeeper Maggie Pohl for women’s soccer 173 — kills through 14 games for freshman outside hitter Grace Tulevech for volleyball 95 — yards gained […]

The ‘metamorphic’ transformation of Van Wickle: how the college’s old library became geology’s home

Van Wickle, which today proudly boasts its rocks and mineral collection to the campus community, once boasted its collection of books as Lafayette College’s main library. Today, Van Wickle, previously known as The Van Wickle Memorial Library, is the home of primarily the geology department, as well as environmental sciences and environmental studies. The historic building with […]

Letter to the Editor

In the Sept. 14 article about Robert Sell, I read about the “pushback from what the college has deemed a small group of College Hill residents.” I know this is what somebody at Lafayette tells the board, prospective students and their families and reporters. Who is this person? Certainly not President Alison Byerly, Vice President […]

Album Review: ‘On The Rvn’ uses “unconventional rhymes” as an art form

Young Thug’s latest EP, “On The Rvn,” is a short but no less satisfying journey where the Atlanta rapper takes a more mainstream route, featuring artists like 6lack, Jaden Smith and Elton John. It strangely works, but it still raises a question: where does he go from here?  Thug’s defining characteristic since his early days […]

‘I don’t think you’re really doing anything unless someone’s pissed’: Amirah Sackett talks Muslim culture, hip-hop dancing

Through the art of hip-hop, Amirah Sackett challenges heavy stereotypes commonly associated with American Muslims. With Sackett’s dance group, “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic” (WMDP), she has translated her talent as a dancer into a socially conscious message about identity, particularly her own identity as a Muslim woman. Despite originally being trained in ballet, Sackett’s love of […]

Kate Gilmore speaks on the importance of inclusivity in her work

Artist Kate Gilmore said that she fell in love with art as a means to communicate her thoughts and feelings. Gilmore visited Grossman Gallery, where her current art exhibition, “Kate Gilmore: In Your Way.”  Her exhibit is a collection of nine performance-based videos (2004-2014). Gilmore started to experiment with art in college, where she worked with […]

Black Girl Magic sparkles again: Netflix’s ‘Nappily Ever After’ is the hair representation we’ve been looking for

I remember the burning smell of roasted keratin and crispy hair follicles. The stink of a hot comb and the worrying that you may look down to see your afro on the floor is one that many young black girls have experienced. “Your hair is soooo pretty and longggg!” all the girls would say after […]