Counseling Center adds counselors and services to meet increased student demand

In an effort to adequately accommodate the increased student demand for counseling at Lafayette, the Counseling Center welcomed full-time counselors Dr. Devin Hussong and Dr. Asmita Pendse this August.  Being short two full-time staff members, and with the Health Center visiting psychiatrist retiring at the end of last semester, the Counseling Center needed more full-time counselors […]

The Krivoskis leave a lasting impact: Donna and Jim reflect on their three decades at the college

From raising their two daughters in Watson Hall, to creating the pep band, running family weekend and working with residence life, Donna and Jim Krivoski truly became a part of the Lafayette and College Hill community during their time at the college. Donna and Jim retired from Lafayette after 28 and 33 years respectively. They […]

Confusion, suspicion surrounding laundry machine inspection result in learning experience

A graduate intern with the Office of Residence Life made his way to different sororities and student housing on Tuesday night for a perfectly legitimate reason: to scan the houses’ laundry machines for data on their usage. However, anxieties surrounding his visits arose throughout the night, resulting from his lack of identification and the late […]

Experiencing culture shock at Lafayette: three students share their stories

Transitioning to college life is an exciting and daunting experience for everyone, but for many Lafayette students, this transition includes the added burden of adjusting to American life and life outside of the city. These students experienced culture shock, which happens when someone goes through a sense of bewilderment and shock when arriving into a […]

The Mill Series shifts from conservative initiative to student-run focus on all views

In an effort to acknowledge the negative feedback towards The Mill Series last semester, a new nine-person student committee has been created, amongst a variety of other changes, in order to “put students at the heart of everything The Mill Series does,” Saeed Malami ’20 said. “I understand greatly the annoyance and emotions people have […]