Changing the lives of inmates: prison art specialist speaks on the transformative impact of creativity

Phyllis Kornfeld began teaching art to prison inmates 35 years ago, when she began work at the Oklahoma State Prison. Whenever Kornfeld meets a new inmate, she said she always tells them: “We are going to access that part of you that has never been incarcerated, never been abused, and never been an abuser.” Kornfeld, a […]

Christo Javacheff speaks on his artistic process: “Each moment we see once in a lifetime, and it cannot be repeated”

World-renowned environmental artist Christon Javacheff, known professionally as simply Christo, renounced his Bulgarian citizenship and became “stateless” for seventeen years in the United States. Much of Javacheff’s work hovers on the fringe of illegality and he has spent much of his time bartering with local governments to allow him to proceed with his work.  His resistance […]

Letter to the Editor: IFC’s commitment to changing the campus climate

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) and all men’s fraternities wish to thank the Office of Educational Equity and Pards Against Sexual Assault (PASA) for hosting the #MeToo panel discussion on March 20 which raised awareness and educated the Lafayette community about sexual assault. A number of fraternity men attended the event to demonstrate our commitment to […]

Movie Review: “Love, Simon” stands out as an important and impactful comedy

“Love, Simon,” a recent coming-of-age movie, centers around gay teen, Simon Spier. It is the perfect mix of cheesy lines, friendship, romance, conflict and identity issues that one might encounter in their favorite CW show (which makes sense considering the director of “Love, Simon,” Greg Berlanti, is the producer of seven CW shows). “Love, Simon” […]

Netflix Review: Geared toward a younger audience, “Alexa & Katie” takes on serious themes surrounding illness

“Alexa & Katie” is a brand new Netflix original sitcom. The show features the two eponymous best friends–impulsive, adventurous Alexa and her polar-opposite, the rule-abiding Katie–as they tackle the start of high school. But there’s just one catch: Alexa has cancer. The show follows Alexa’s first few weeks in high school as she deals with […]