Confusion surrounds student athlete Good Samaritan policy: college says same for all students

The Good Samaritan policy is designed to enable students to seek help for dangerously intoxicated individuals without consequences for the caller or the person in need. However, who the policy applies to and how it works remains unclear among student athletes. Vice President of Campus Life Annette Diorio said that “the Good Samaritan policy applies […]

Junot Diaz urges students to embrace identity, challenge limitations: Pulitzer-prize winning author gives LatinX Month keynote

Pulitzer Prize winning and New York Times bestselling author Junot Diaz said during his talk at the college that he wants marginalized students to understand the “cage” they live in, not only in higher education but in society at large. “Students have never had less rights than they do now. I had more rights as […]

Planned Parenthood Club aims to promote women’s health and gender equality

Launched on campus at a time when criminalizing abortion is an issue being raised in Congress, the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Club plans to work to make women’s health products including contraceptives more available at Lafayette, club founders said. Approved by student government last Wednesday, the club aims to bring to Lafayette education and volunteer […]

Lecturer denounces terms “social justice,” “inclusion”: Shelby Steele says liberalism deprives minorities of “personal responsibility”

A senior fellow who specializes in topics such as race relations at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, Shelby Steele grew up in an era of segregation in the 1950s and 1960s in the south side of Chicago. He lived across the street from white families all his life, but neither they nor his interracial […]

Lauren Kindle Art Studio exhibits Easton artist’s work

Tucked away in one of the many alleyways of downtown Easton is Lauren Kindle Art Studio. Conveniently located just around the corner from the Easton Public Market, owner Lauren Kindle’s quaint studio has found a home on North Bank St. Kindle’s artwork, which is on display in her studio, mainly focuses on still-life paintings, landscapes and portraits. […]

By the numbers

12—The number of men’s and women’s cross country runners who posted new personal records at the Paul Short Run. 43—Yards freshman Jeffrey Kordenbrock kicked the football to record the game-winning field goal in Coach John Garrett’s first career win. 22-2—How many goals the field hockey has been outscored by in their last four games, three […]

Tenure process changes implemented this fall after approval at end of spring

The president and the promotion and tenure review committee (PTR) will now work directly together when evaluating tenure cases of professors, instead of the president making a recommendation after receiving the PTR’s. Motions for changes to the tenure review process were approved for the current school year this past May. These changes came as a […]

Students unite behind Puerto Rico

In an effort to help relieve the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, students have united to coordinate both a fundraiser and donation drive on campus.  Emily Ramírez ‘18 created a Facebook page, United for Puerto Rico: Lafayette College, this past Monday, advertising the week-long fundraiser. Fundraising efforts were initially started through the nation-wide GoFundMe page that […]