Paper Playlist: Songs that go through puberty

SONGS THAT WENT THROUGH PUBERTY. This week, our playlist focuses on those songs that you listen to, and halfway through, you ask yourself if it’s the same song. Most of the songs on our playlist have unassuming beginnings – a little creepy, a little haunting – but soon build into rocking masterpieces. Emma: This week, I’m going with “Little Black […]

Comedian Harlan Cohen confronts the uncomfortable

Comedian Harlan Cohen wants to make you comfortable with the uncomfortable. The New York Times best-selling author, well known for his book “The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College” visited the college Thursday night to perform. Cohen has been focusing on college students and the unique hardships they face since his time […]

A new take on an Easton arts tradition: Local businesses to participate in Riverside Festival of the Arts

Riverside and Scott Parks are regular spots for peaceful strolling along the Delaware River on the outskirts of downtown Easton. This weekend, the parks will be lit up by Easton’s arts community at the Riverside Festival of the Arts (RFA). The 21st annual RFA, which will be on both Saturday and Sunday, will feature some of the Easton area’s many artists, musicians, dancers, businesses […]

Opinion: Easton resident urges college to better city with expansion

As one of the Easton residents that has spoken out against Lafayette College’s proposed dormitory expansion, I’m writing to offer my perspective and invite discussion about the role of Lafayette within its host community. As reported by The Lafayette, residents are concerned that the project will have numerous negative impacts on the neighborhood. The project […]