Novel centers on struggles of family grief

“Rabbit Cake” went from being a book that I almost didn’t read to one I’m pestering my friends to give a try. While I was not initially intrigued by the story – it centers around a young and precocious protagonist and deals with a tragic death among a quirky family and community – I was hooked immediately after reading an excerpt. The […]

Andy Warhol and Byzantine art: Warhol expert tells of painter’s hidden inspiration

Andy Warhol’s iconically vibrant portraits have an unexpected inspiration: in Byzantine icons, according to Warhol expert Thomas Kiedrowski. Kiedrowski said that, as a child, Warhol often attended St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church where he was surrounded by Byzantine religious icons, often depicting saints, Christ and Mary. These icons influenced much of Warhol’s artwork, which Kiedrowski displayed throughout […]

Environmental film series at SteelStacks: Documentaries highlight environmental issues

With Earth Day right around the corner, SteelStacks in Bethlehem is hosting a film series to raise awareness about environmental issues including climate change, food sustainability and species extinction. The Environmental Film Series, which is set to take place throughout the month of April, consists of four environmentally themed documentaries which incorporate entertainment, education and advocacy. According to the SteelStacks […]