Proposed federal budget cuts leave college uncertain

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for 2018 would drastically cut funds for many academic endeavors. Many people within the academic world, including Lafayette professors, have been left wondering about what this could mean for their work. The budget proposes eliminating the National Endowment for Humanities entirely, reducing the funds of National Institutes of Health, and […]

Anti-war political activist from Vietnam era to visit college

Next week, political activist and author Frank Bardacke will visit Lafayette to deliver lectures and sit in on classes. During the 1960s and 70s, Bardacke was heavily vocal in his opposition to the Vietnam war and became a well-known activist. Next Wednesday, Bardacke will give his first talk entitled “Reflections on Social Justice: Political Moments, 1960-2017.” […]

A mighty disappointment: ‘Power Rangers’ fails to live up to TV show

A week ago, I re-watched a few episodes of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.” It was quite fun to revisit a piece of my childhood which included watching people in spandex, giant robots, ridiculous plot lines and a campy atmosphere. “Power Rangers,” however, is not very fun. In fact, it stinks. Living, breathing human beings should generally avoid this […]

Goldstein quits, Munson takes the helm

After being swarmed with outbreaks of norovirus, influenza and ringworm, Dr. Jeffery Goldstein announced to the campus that he can no longer take what students are dealing to him, adding he was feeling a little queasy. Luckily, his successor has been groomed for years: energetic golden retriever and acclaimed medical professional Munson is taking over […]