Paper Playlist: Spring Time/Uncuffing Season

Melissa: My pick this week is “Fashion” by the Royal Concept – not because it fits this week’s theme super well, but because I’m super into it. The opening lyric made me laugh and instantly pulled me in. Give it a listen and just trust me on this one. I can play it in the car for you as we drive to Applebees.

Sadie: My pick for the week is A-ha’s “Take On Me” but I wish it was “take me ON a date to Applebees.” It sounds like an accelerated three-minute marathon of ’80s synths and unlimited appetizers.

Kacie Paganelli ’18: I picked “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World. It’s pretty evocative of the mediocrity experienced at a given Applebees. It’s uplifting, but with melancholic undertones. This song reminds me of car rides to softball practice.

Jack Shaw ’17 and Cullen Scheland ’17: James Blunt: More like Elton John wannabe. However, our favorite tune-meister has dropped the dankest single of the year. “Love Me Better” is a straight-up dance floor anthem. Forget Ed Sheeran, forget Section Boys, forget Christmas Ghouls. This song is going to thrust Blunt into stardom, with it’s synthesis of nu-age marimba disco vibes and dope deep soulful backing vocals. Blunty’s “Love Me Better” combines Dickens’ prose with Bieber’s sick beats. Check it out now on all nifty streaming services.


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