Dear faculty: A liberal’s critique

George Orwell warned us of the dangers of intellectual stagnancy. He explicitly identified academics as the prime agents of that stagnancy. It pains me to say that in certain pockets amongst humanities and social science faculties at liberal arts colleges including Lafayette’s, a staunchly liberal intellectual stagnancy has begun to impose itself on students. Jonathan […]

Ending on a high note: Women’s basketball turns heads at Patriot League Tournament

After only winning three regular season games, not many had high expectations for the women’s basketball team heading into the Patriot League Tournament. The Leopards, however, certainly may have turned some heads with their performance. Finishing with the worst record in conference play, the 10th seeded Leopards were slated to travel to Worcester, Mass. to face […]

Conservatives shirk responsibility: Opinion

Like conservatives who lament at being pushed out of the campus’s liberal narrative because they are perceived as bigots, I abhor the judgment of any ideology by its basest form. However, conservatives must be more self-reflective when they ask liberals for more space to speak yet criticize the “liberal” safe space so enthusiastically. While there […]

A day to honor women: Lafayette students bring holiday to campus

National Women’s History Month has kicked off this month with National Women’s Week and International Women’s Day. National Women’s Week lasted from last Thursday, Mar. 2, to Wednesday, with International Women’s Day closing out the week on Wednesday. Women’s History Month had its origins as a national celebration in 1981 when Congress passed Pub. L. 97-28 which authorized and […]