‘Good as Gone’ doesn’t live up to ‘Gone Girl’

Thirteen year-old Julie was abducted from her home at knifepoint. She was never found and there were no suspects for her abductor. Police suspected that Julie knew her abductor, because there were also no signs of forced entry in her home. Eight long years later, Julie’s parents, Anna and Tom Whitaker, and younger sister Jane have rebuilt […]

Alba explores identity through various art forms

Sometimes confessional, other times subversive, yet always possessing a deft intimacy, Elia Alba explores her own identity through her art. On Monday, she treated Lafayette to a discussion of that art, which typically consists of sculpture, textiles and photographs and usually concerns identity politics. One highlight of the lecture was Alba’s discussion of “The Supper Club,” […]

College promises to help students affected by travel ban

In response to growing uncertainty over President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, Provost Abu Rizvi announced the college would provide services to students directly affected. Among the policies emailed campus-wide are instructing public safety “not to ask students about students’ visa or immigration status or to act on the basis of that knowledge,” along with free housing and […]

Retiring faculty reflect on time at college: Four stepping down

Four faculty members of the college have already announced their impending retirement at the close of this semester. Three agreed to be interviewed by The Lafayette about their time at the college and the changes they have seen throughout their years. Art and printmaking professor Curlee Holton, who has been at the college for 26 years, […]