Mexico in color: Skillman exhibit highlights cultural heroes and national tragedies

On the north wall of Skillman Library, 17 pictures are posted. Their colors hold a sharp contrast to the more muted tones of the library walls. And although their colors may be loud, the messages the exhibition communicates are even louder. The library is playing host to a collection of art by New York-based Mexican artist Patricia Espinoza […]

Windstorm knocks out power on campus: Facilities operations looking to improve resistance to outages

Grace Wilgucki ‘19 was sitting in a library cubicle studying for her biology exam when the power outage hit. It was Sunday morning around 10:30 a.m. “I was highlighting my notes when the lights around me went dark,” Wilgucki said. The power across campus allegedly turned off because of the strong windstorm, according to an email from […]