Athletes from all over: An inside look at the life of an international player

When junior Constanza Davis and sophomore Ryan Moore applied to Lafayette, they had no intention of becoming varsity athletes. Coming from Italy and Belgium respectively, but each with strong ties to the U.S., the students were interested in Lafayette for reasons other than sports. Little did they know, the two would soon co-represent Lafayette’s Fencing and Swimming international population. […]

Leaving the lights on: Student government works toward extending library hours

Members of student government plan to work with library staff in the coming weeks to propose extended library hours, following results from a survey indicating that the extension would be of interest to students on campus. According to Student Services Chair for Lafayette College Student Government Lia Embil ‘17, the results showed that “a lot of students favor […]

New non-discriminatory policy instituted on campus: New policy leads to over 30 arrests of shirtless men

Public safety instituted a new non-discriminatory arrest policy Tuesday, following pressure by the Just Unification of GirlS (JUGS). The group, which has been working for months for more equality on campus held their final protest last Wednesday, a brown bag lecture with pizza and refreshments. When a group of female students walked around on the […]

“Oeschle” Spelling Bee

After a two-hour, 75-word spell off, the first annual Oeschle Spelling Bee went without a champion. Despite rousing back-and- forth action from the competitors, what ended up being the final round of the contest stumped the campus-renowned spellers. After conquering words such as autochthonous, xanthosis, appoggiatura and cymotrichous through the oft-considered “easy” rounds to knock out the other […]

Trump to give commencement speech

Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities William D. Adams has been replaced by presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump as the commencement speaker to inspire graduates to “terrifyingly unlikely success.” According to administrators, Trump “perfectly fits the Lafayette ideal.” “Whenever Trump speaks, he really embodies the Cur Non spirit,” said Dean of Important […]

College announces tuition increase: One percentage of increase to go toward need-based financial aid

Over the spring break, the college announced the largest increase in total billed expenses for the college since President Alison Byerly took office. The four percent increase of tuition, along with room and board, comes after a three percent increase last year. One percent of this year’s increase in total billed expenses will go toward need-based financial aid. […]

Guest lecturer B.o.B. discusses “flat earth” theory: Man who has the magic in him debunks round Earth myth

Editor’s note: All of the quotes from B.o.B. and Neil Degrasse Tyson used in this article were actually said, tweeted or used as song lyrics. Despite overwhelming scientific, mathematic and photographic evidence to the contrary, some people still hold on to the antiquated belief that the world is round and the sun lies at the […]

Paleontological dig at Boneyard yields unexpected results: Campus party spot reveals bones, not just boners

When paleontologist Geraldine Birdwell visited College Hill this Monday, two surprises awaited her. The “Boneyard” at Lafayette was not an actual boneyard–and then it was. After receiving a tip that the Easton neighborhood contained a “boneyard,” Birdwell and her team of archaeologists left their headquarters in Wyoming to commence a new project in Pennsylvania. “Geraldine […]

More task forces to cut down on task forces: Administrative task force says more task forces are the solution

In an effort to cut down on top-heavy administration, the college commissioned a working group to look into different ways to shrink the amount of working groups on campus. “It’s called the Presidential Working Group on Cutting Down on Presidential Working Groups,” said President Alison Byerly, before pausing for a drink of water. “And Task Forces.” The […]

Bombing in Istanbul cancels McKelvy trip

The McKelvy House spring break trip to Istanbul, Turkey was cancelled following a bombing there this past Saturday. Although the trip had initially been approved by the school, the recent attack prompted Lafayette to call off the expedition, according to Assistant Professor of History and advisor to McKelvy Rachel Goshgarian. Before the attack, there were not nationally-sanctioned travel […]