Teaming up with the pros: Theater department pairs with professional group

Members of the Lafayette College community got a bite of the Big Apple on Monday, when they performed “Tartuffe” Off-Broadway at Teatro Circulo. The play, which was supposed to be performed last week, had to be rescheduled because of the cancellations due to the norovirus outbreak. The cast was supposed to have their final performance in New York, […]

When the virus is mightier than the saber: Fencers kept out of NCAA regional tournament due to norovirus

While many students rejoiced at the school’s decision to shut down this past Thursday and Friday due to the norovirus outbreak, many fencers did not. On Saturday, Lafayette was scheduled to host the NCAA regionals for fencing, in which roughly 210 fencers from schools such as Penn, Princeton and Duke were going to battle to […]

McKelvy goes to Istanbul: Unexpected funds prompt spring break trip

With midterms coming to a close, 11 students and three faculty advisors affiliated with the McKelvy House at Lafayette, are preparing to head on an international spring break trip. The group will be spending six days in Istanbul, Turkey, immersing themselves in a culture that they have been discussing for half a semester. Professor Rachel Goshgarian, the faculty […]

Playing for change: Studner works for equality in collegiate athletics

Openly gay athlete Gavin Studner has worked hard to change the climate toward LGBTQ athletes at Lafayette, but he still sometimes faces discrimination when playing against other teams. During two home tennis matches this spring one week apart, against St. Peter’s and against Wagner, Studner said he received disrespectful comments from members of the opposing […]