A multicultural lunar celebration: Lafayette celebrates traditional Asian holiday from multiple perspectives

Better late than never, Lafayette is preparing to monkey around for Lunar New Year. Although the Year of the Monkey started back on Feb. 8, Lafayette is hosting its celebration of the holiday on Saturday. “We were actually making preliminary plans to get things running early,” president of the Asian Cultural Association Sony Mathew said. “But we wanted to […]

Don’t drown the bunnies: Why colleges should foster a positive enviornment and not try to weed students out

By Morgan Levy ’19 How would you feel walking into your first year of college, knowing the school wanted to weed out a number of students before they would be counted as enrolled? It’s a horrible thought that any university—particularly it’s president—would make a statement like: “This is hard for you because you think of the students as […]

On the ballot: Student Democrat in running for district delegate

In 2012, Edward O’Brien became the youngest delegate from New Jersey to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte County. He then served as New Jersey District Delegate for Obama’s second campaign. Now, after getting over 300 signatures, he’s back on the ballot. This time as a District Delegate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. O’Brien is running in the 17th congressional […]