Weaving the tapestry of history: Gail Skudera exhibition brings the past to life through textiles

Nestled in the back corner of the Williams Center for the Arts, the Williams Center Gallery sometimes goes unnoticed by Lafayette student traffic. The “Gail Skudera In Time/ Out of time. Woven Photo Collages” exhibit will be displayed up until Feb. 21, though, allowing plenty of time for students to check it out. The gallery […]

Tom Hanks’ top five performances: Celebrating the storied career of one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors

On Monday, Lafayette will be graced by one of the brightest stars ever to shine on the silver screen. In preparation for the arrival of one of the finest actors to ever breathe, it is worth reflecting on the illustrious career that made Tom Hanks the household name he is today by examining his five […]