Recommendation to reallocate funds from Posse delayed two to three years

By Christina Shaman ’16 and William Gordon ’17 The recommendation to reallocate funds from Posse D.C. to need-based financial aid has been delayed two to three years, according to an email sent out by President Alison Byerly to Posse scholars at Lafayette College. The decision to delay comes after two open-forums, held Wednesday and Thursday, […]

Race and diversity in Lafayette’s history: Looking back at the history of Lafayette’s black students

Questions of race and diversity continue to be debated on college campuses across the country. In celebration of Black History Month, The Lafayette dug through the college archives to examine the long history of black students on campus to highlight their struggles and triumphs throughout the years, starting from Lafayette’s very first class. Lafayette College […]

Islam and activism: Professor Jamillah Karim examines how religion can liberate the marginalized

Islam, though so often portrayed in the media as a violent and oppressive faith, can be one of the most powerful unifying forces among marginalized people, said Professor of Religion at Spelman College Jamillah Karim, who spoke at Lafayette College on Monday. Karim specializes in Islam and Muslims in the United States and also focuses […]

Preparing for the playoffs: Women’s basketball looks to rebound for post-season run

As a lackluster season winds to an end, the women’s basketball team looks to cling on to as much hope as possible with the Patriot League Tournament right around the corner. After last week, the Leopards were able to better position themselves to make a “Cindrella-esque” run to win the championship. The team completed a season sweep over […]

A helping hand: Athletes C.A.R.E. competes in all-or-nothing fundraiser

By Kathryn Kelly ’19 This year, Lafayette Athletes C.A.R.E., a charity organization started at Lafayette in 2010, is running their annual all-or-nothing fundraising campaign a little differently: they are competing with two other branches of the organization from different colleges to determine which charity all the branches will fundraise for. This all-or-nothing campaign has been […]

Rejecting the vaccine controversy: Dr. Paul Offit debunks myths about autism

World-renowned biologist, pediatrician and advocate of childhood immunizations Paul Offit sat calmly in the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights Library, making candid conversation with his interviewer before the camera started rolling. A flurry of students and faculty rushed to adjust his microphone, shut the doors and fix the lighting. They were running slightly behind schedule. […]