Inspiring impact at home

Students lead change thousands of miles from Lafayette Kelvin Serem ‘17 started a grade school in his village in Kenya. Monika Niroula ‘17 built homes to replace those lost in last year’s earthquake in Nepal. Rebeka Ramangamihanta ‘16 organized a conference for Malagasy youth leaders in Madagascar. These three undergraduates chose not to wait until […]

President and professor

Byerly to teach English course next Spring By Aidan Trevisan ‘19 and Hannah Doherty ‘19 Collaborative Writers For the first time as President of Lafayette College, Alison Byerly will be teaching a course for the Spring 2016 semester available to all students who have taken an English class. Byerly describes the course “Fictional Worlds” as […]

Vigil sparks controversy

Christian group mourns “abortion and miscarriage and other sources of infant loss” A vigil held by a Christian group at Lafayette Tuesday on the steps of Hogg Hall prompted reactions from students on campus. The vigil, held by the Lafayette DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship, was meant to “step back from the bitter politics” about abortion and […]

The need for the appearance of fairness in the event competition

By Ivan Evtimuv Contributing Writer Lafayette College Student Government has no small responsibility. Not only do the 15 elected representatives have to be a voice of the students to the administration, but they also manage a sizeable amount of funds—several hundred thousand dollars that come in from an individual mandatory contribution each student pays in […]

Hand over the bacon

Why the latest World Health Organization report is not as alarming as you think By Morgan Levy ‘19 Contributing Writer “Processed meat causes cancer? Eat llama instead, says Bolivia’s health ministry.” “Bad Day For Bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says.” Looking at headlines after the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer, […]

Highlighting a unique history

Centenary in chemical engineering celebrated with series As the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) department approaches its 100th year in existence at Lafayette, a series of events seek to commemorate the college’s unique contribution to the nationwide major. At a lecture on Oct. 19, University of Michigan Professor H. Scott Folger highlighted a particular individual, […]

Challenging perceptions on democracy

Harvard professor to speak about Latin America By Ilana Goldstein ‘19 Contributing Writer “Is Global Democracy in Crisis?” headlines posters for Steven Levitsky’s Nov. 4 lecture, part of the Class of 1961 International Speaker Series. Levitsky plans to give his first speech on campus on global democratization and the misinterpretation of the democratizing process in […]