Getting from point A to point B

A depiction of a student driver receiving a call to transport another student. Photo by Katherine Weeks ‘16 ________________________________ Uber and Public Safety provide new means of transportation Transportation options for students in the Lehigh Valley are growing with the addition of Uber and a new student driver program organized by Lafayette Public Safety. Following […]

Arts Plaza wins American-Architects’ building of year

Following its nomination to American- Architects’Building of the Week feature, Lafayette’s Ahart Family Arts Plaza won American-Architects’Building of the Year last Monday. This honor adds to the building’s list of awards and accolades. “The project, which received close to 20 percent of the votes, illustrates how a minimal intervention –basically brick piers, mesh boxes and […]

Professor recieves grant for research in neurodegenerative diseases

A team of Lafayette biochemistry majors under the direction of Professor Justin Hines recently received a National Institutes of Heath grant to support their study of neurodegenerative diseases. “In my lab, we study models of neurodegenerative diseases,” Hines said. “In particular, we study an interesting phenomenon in biology called yeast prions.These yeast proteins take on […]

Investigative journalist brings light to unjust trials of the Civil Rights Era

Jerry Mitchell speaks about reexamining cases from the Civil Rights Era as a reporter. Photo by Hana Isihara ‘17 __________________________ Investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell delivered the keynote lecture of “Black Bodies, Black Lives,” for Lafayette’s Black Heritage Month series last Monday, speaking about his work as an investigative reporter reopening and reexamining forgotten cases of […]

Drinky’s 2.0

Exterior of Drinky’s in Downtown Easton post-renovation. Photo by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15 _________________________ Lafayette’s students know Drinky’s as a geographically convenient nightclub where they can go to have fun and unwind on the weekends. Therefore, it was exciting to see the Facebook invitation announcing the “Relaunch” of Drinky’s upon students’ return to campus this past […]

Love Letters from Ana: Let’s Play 36 Questions

As a love and relationship columnist, it’s in my job description to explore the hidden reasons behind some human sex behavior. My column, at times, survives on the over-analyzation of this behavior. A prime example: is monogamy attainable on a college campus? From time-to-time, however, something comes up that is strictly science in its purest, […]

That’s What She Read: Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher

Professor Jason T. Fitger is not a happy man.  His beloved creative writing program  (underfunded, unappreciated, and not a money-maker for his employer, Payne University) has been gutted, his graduate program suspended and his building racked by never-ending construction as the college spares no expense to renovate the upper floors to accommodate the expanding Department […]