The Last Top 10: If the 1884 crowd attended the 150th

Another Laf-Lehigh is upon us, and for those who haven’t gotten the message yet: this year is kind of a big deal. While it’s exciting that the Empire State Building will be lit up with the Maroon and Brown (a winning combo if you ask anyone who’s color blind) and that we’ve sold out Yankee Stadium, it’s also important to look back on our history and honored traditions. To gain this critical perspective, I’ve prepared for you the top ten things someone who attended the first Laf-Lehigh game in 1884 might say if they attended the 150th game this Saturday:

1. Why are these helmets so clunky?

2. I could buy land for the same price as a Yankee Stadium hotdog

3. Are women allowed to be here?

4. Why is it so cold? (global warming)

5. Where in the alphabet is “#”?

6. How does one pronounce #gopardorgohome?

7. I guess electricity was more than a passing fad

8. What’s a concussion?

9. Also, what’s penicillin?

10. How am I alive right now?

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