Letter to the Editor

Re “Professor speaks on Russian foreign policy for lecture series” (Oct. 24, page 4), I was flattered and delighted to see that you had included an article about my presentation. However, as I read the article I became increasingly dismayed, because the substance of my talk was not accurately reported. Two particular things stood out. […]

Shored Up: When human nature and the force of nature collide

Photo courtesy of Shoredupmovie.com Director Ben Kalina screened his 2013 documentary “Shored Up” on Tuesday, a film about whether or not the rise of sea level and coastline disintegration can continue to be ignored. Kalina’s focus in the documentary was on the eastern seaboard, particularly the effects on New Jersey and North Carolina. As coastal […]

A Shot of Yeager: Welcome To New York. Sort Of

1) The song “O” by Coldplay on their newest album, “Ghost Stories.” It doesn’t matter the time, place, who I’m with or what I’m doing—if this song comes on, the waterworks start flowing. Chris Martin sings about heartbreak, obviously alluding to his then-crumbling marriage with Gwyneth Paltrow, but the message is really about letting go […]

The Lafayette Style Watch: The Leather Jacket

Tossing a leather jacket on with any outfit instantly upgrades your look from casual to cool. With its popularity peaking during World War II, the jacket, which was cherished for their insulated warmth, was seen on aviators and military members. It was here they earned the nickname “bomber jackets,” which is sometimes still used. In […]