Student pleads guilty in Bear Security incident

A Lafayette senior pled guilty in district court in Easton to public drunkenness in connection to a physical encounter with security officers at the 100 Nights’ dance, held in February.

Stefano Valle ’14 was accepted by the judge into the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program (ARD), a program for first-time offenders, which gives him a clean record if he successfully completes the requirements.

Valle came into conflict with Bear Security officers towards the end of the 100 Nights dance. President of Bear Security Brian McMenamin said he noticed Valle stopping a female employee who was catering the dance. McMenamin said he started following them and asked the woman if “everything’s okay,” who replied that it was fine. He claimed Valle was intoxicated.

Valle started to follow the employee behind bar and back to the kitchen, according to McMenamin, but the bartender denied him entrance to the kitchen. McMenamin said he told Valle at least three or four times to “just walk away.” By the fourth time, McMenamin said Valle’s language became aggressive towards him.

He then elbowed McMenamin in the chest, according to Bear Security Officer Felipe Rodriguez, who was standing next to McMenamin at the time. McMenamin said he does not know whether he intentionally elbowed him in the chest, but since he did not listen to Bear Security’s requests to leave the area the two officers decided to take action.

“[He] put his elbow, left elbow, right into my chest,” McMenamin said. “That’s a game ender. Once you touch me or my guys, I said [sic], ‘Alright, now you’re leaving.’”

Valle was taken by the Bear Security officers into the foyer of Marquis and brought to the ground. McMenamin said Valle was struggling on the way to the foyer and became physically aggressive, requiring him and Rodriguez to restrain Valle and put him on the ground.

He was handcuffed by Public Safety shortly after.

McMenamin and Rodriguez said that as they attempted to restrain Valle on the ground, the crowd leaving the dance was physically hostile towards them.

Valle claimed at the time of the incident that the security officers used excessive force. Several witnesses said at the time that Bear Security was unnecessarily aggressive.

No action has been taken against Bear Security. Valle declined to comment on the court proceedings.

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