Robocop is a Cop, Robocop is a Robot …and he is coming back to town this year

Photo courtesy of The original Robocop (1987) was a rarity: an action blockbuster with a cult classic’s heart. The film reveled in cartoon violence, satirized the military-industrial complex, and examined the urban decay of Detroit. It was entertaining, but it also had deep things to say about violence and corporatism. Films that have things […]

Lion King tribute: Celebrating the 20th year of the lion

Photo courtesy of LAF’s Wonderful Week of Disney begins next week and it begs for an homage to a Disney classic celebrating a momentous milestone. This year marks the twentieth birthday of The Lion King. This statement alone would be enough to send most into a massive nostalgia trip, looking back on all the […]

Powell to the people: U.S.A. takes on the Fins

Photo courtesy of You know how bronze medal winners are happier than the silver medal winners? Bronze winners feel like, “Yeah I made it!” Gold winners go, “Yeah I’m #1!” Leaving silver medalists saying, “Damn I almost had it,” after receiving a medal to lose. Well, everyone is happier than the people that get nothing, […]

Towering Triumvirate

Photos by Katie Weeks ’16 The smallest school in the Patriot League houses the biggest trio of forwards in the conference. Between seniors Danielle Fiacco, 6’7”, and Emily Homan, 6’3”, standing taller then their opponents each game is old news, but newcomer freshman Harriet Ottewill-Soulsby, 6’3”, adds the spark and an edge to a veteran […]