The People v. Ben Haggerty: Defending Macklemore

Photos Courtesy of and Macklemore’s gone through quite the week. After reaching the now-ignominious title of “most successful rapper in the 2013 Grammys” last Sunday, the Seattle-based rapper spent the past five or so days on the receiving end of internet backlash. The source of the backlash, of course, is his perceived ill-deserved […]

Dallas Buyers Club’s bull market

Self-proclaimed film connoisseur, Patrick Larkin ‘14, discusses the evolution of the conversation of HIV/AIDS in film from the past 20 years. His review of Dallas Buyers Club draws parallels from the 1993 Jonathan Demme film, Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of Voltage Pictures Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia (1993) was an unremarkable film that did one remarkable thing: it […]

That’s what she read: Doctor Sleep

Photo Courtesy of Scriber Publishing Stephen King’s thriller Doctor Sleep picks up years after the horrific events described in its predecessor, The Shining, in which young Danny Torrence and his family battled the ghostly remnants of the Overlook Hotel’s bloody past. Doctor Sleep features a grown-up Danny who has ironically contracted his deceased father’s affliction […]