LCTV: Filming the future

Photo by Ally Hill ‘15 As the fall semester’s days dwindle away, the Lafayette College Television Station is transforming into what has the potential to be the next big thing at Lafayette College. “LCTV is going to provide something for the campus community that we currently don’t have,” LCTV founder Ed O’Brien ‘16 said. “It’s […]

TEDxLaf: Self-expression

Six students took their turn behind the podium Monday, addressing the topic of “expression” at the bi-annual TEDxLaf conferenece. The speakers, Ryan Warrier, ‘15, Jason Shavel, ‘17, Zainab Hussein, ‘17, David Hanke ‘16, Barker Carlock, ‘17, and Luke Wasacz ‘16 each spent about ten minutes exploring different aspects of human expression. The TEDxLaf conference is […]