Non Cur thawed: StuGov unfreezes funds

In an emailed press release written in Spanish, Non Cur Editor-in-Chief Noah Drauschak ‘16 announced that the controversial satire journal is back in business.

The campus publication was mired in frozen funds after student government ordered changes to their constitution on Oct. 1. The changes included mandatory, moderated public forums and required signatures from Non Cur advisor Bryan Washington and all contributing writers.

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, student government rejected an updated draft of the constitution on the grounds that requirements were missing and the language contained in the constitution was too vague.

Student Government President Michael Prisco ‘14 confirmed that a new draft of the Non Cur constitution was approved and the journal’s funds are unfrozen.

Drauschak also confirmed that there will be an issue distributed on campus later this week. In the emailed press release to The Lafayette sent Sunday evening, Drauschak pointed to this upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday as possible release dates for the issue.


Mick’s older brother Richard here, I go by Dick. Just wanted to thank student government for not actually making any changes to the Non Cur. They wisely left the organization to their own rules and set up a clause to help them avoid libel. Anyways, another big shout out to StuGov for being smart and making sure the only entertaining publication on campus still gets published.

But seriously, god damn is The Lafayette boring as fuck for a college newspaper. God damn, I mean… have they even seen how cool other college’s newspapers are!? If they have they’re sucking pretty hard at figuring out how to write anything interesting themselves.

Noah Doucheak here, friends sometimes call me The Douche, you can call me Noah. Just wanted to thank good ol’ Dick here for the shout out to StuGov. Fabricating a rivalry with Student Government and The Lafayette helps us validate our roles as self-proclaimed subversives. Without it, we’d just be sitting around writing fat jokes about the girls that didn’t sleep with us and gratuitously quoting the literature that we didn’t read.

“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.” – Dostoyevsky

best part about that retort was that I’m not Noah (and that whoever posted it is actually trying to fight an overgrown child on the comment section). Also it’s funny how everyone thinks the Non Cur is solely Noah.

I can’t stress enough that The Lafayette actually bores the student body more than their schoolwork.

How many copies per issue get thrown away unread? Now that’d be an interesting article.

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