Mike’d Up: Derrick Rose versus Robert Griffin III: Comparison of recovery timetables

Kelley: Two superstars. Two devastating knee injuries. Rose opted for a longer recovery. RGIII instead participated in an ESPN documentary detailing his speedy return to NFL stadiums. Rose frustrated NBA fans last season during the playoffs when his Bulls took the floor without him. Rather than run the point, Rose sported a suit and acted […]

The Thirteenth draft: Revisions announced, reactions ensue

Bruce McCutcheon and the Athletic Department announced revisions to the controversial alcohol and drug sanctions on Monday night, as reported by The Lafayette. Graphic by Aaron Levenson ‘15 | The Lafayette Changes to the policies include the re-implementation of the Good Samaritan policy for student athletes and less harsh sanctions for previous offenders. The initial […]

All about flavor

By Jess Silverman ‘14 & Lia Peck ‘17 | Collabrorative Reporters Photos by Christie Behot ‘16 | The Lafayette LaFarm, Lafayette’s community garden, has sold more than 1,800 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to Bon Appétit in the past four months. “The flavor of local grown products is just superior to anything we would buy from […]

The Last Top 10 thoughts passing through Bruce McCutcheon’s mind while drafting the new alcohol policy for athletes

Every other week, Melissa Last ‘17 will list her “Top Ten” events and trends on campus. Unless you’ve been locked inside your dorm room for the past few weeks, you’ve heard of the new alcohol policy in place for athletes. Most students were outraged, as the policy entailed that any student athlete who is sent […]

Science and technology building still a ways off, will end Kunkel and Farber

Photos by Willem Ytsma ’16 | The Lafayette Excitement surrounds the prospect of a new science and technology building per the $27.9 million gift from Kenneth Rockwell ‘66, but the Class of 2018 may not even see the completion of the building. “The programming, design, permitting and construction process will undoubtedly take several years,” Mary […]

Roommate Roulette: May the odds be ever in your favor

Roommate got you down? It may not be your fault. A recent University of Notre Dame study published in Clinical Psychological Science by psychologists Gerald Haeffel and Jennifer Hames found that one’s mental health can be drastically effected—positively or negatively—by his or her roommate’s mood. Most often at Lafayette, a student’s first-year roommate is selected […]

Revisions to controversial alcohol sanctions for student-athletes announced

After over two weeks of deliberation, the athletics department announced revisions to the controversial alcohol sanctions for student-athletes, according to a press release sent out Monday night. Changes to the policies include the re-implementation of the Good Samaritan policy for student athletes and less harsh sanctions for offenders. The previous iteration of the policy, which Athletic Director […]

Revisions to policy expected

Conversations about the newly implemented alcohol and drug sanctions for student athletes are ongoing, according to President Alison Byerly. Revisions to the policy are expected to be announced this week. “I feel that the alcohol conversation is proceeding in a positive way,” Byerly said. If we can get feedback that suggests there are revisions that […]