Student evaluations and tenure: A professor’s hunger strike

Near the end of Tuesday’s faculty meeting, a Lafayette professor announced that he had been on hunger strike since the meeting began at 4:10 p.m. and would not end until his demands are met. Assistant Spanish Professor Juan Rojo’s demands: that the faculty’s committee’s vote to grant him tenure be upheld and that systematic changes to the tenure […]

Professor hunger strikes against denial of tenure

This was a breaking news story and has been updated. Check here for updates. A Lafayette assistant professor announced today that he is going on a hunger strike to protest President Alison Byerly’s decision to deny him tenure and to protest the tenure review process. Juan Rojo, who teaches Spanish, began the hunger strike when […]

Tenure process changes implemented this fall after approval at end of spring

The president and the promotion and tenure review committee (PTR) will now work directly together when evaluating tenure cases of professors, instead of the president making a recommendation after receiving the PTR’s. Motions for changes to the tenure review process were approved for the current school year this past May. These changes came as a […]

Faculty committee set to review tenure process

Over the course of next semester, a faculty committee has been charged with reviewing the president’s involvement in the tenure process after national controversy over a tenure denial earlier this semester. The seven-member ad hoc group plans to look at four areas of the process: defining “compelling reasons,” the timeline of tenure cases in the case of […]

Board reaffirms Rojo tenure denial, responds to faculty concerns

The board of trustees announced Tuesday afternoon that they will uphold their previous decision to deny professor Juan Rojo tenure. After he got out of classes, Rojo picked up a two-paragraph letter from the Lafayette College Board of Trustees in the president’s office. He said that he had a feeling that it would be negative decision before […]

Faculty motions to give Rojo tenure

Faculty voted overwhelmingly to urge the board of trustees to uphold the tenure review committee’s recommendation to grant professor Juan Rojo tenure in a special faculty meeting Tuesday, several sources confirmed. Sources confirmed that attendees were told they could face serious sanctions if they discuss the contents of the meeting, even with their spouses. The […]

Professor to end hunger strike Monday morning

Spanish Professor Juan Rojo announced to the board of trustees Saturday that he plans to suspend his hunger strike Monday at 10 a.m. Faculty were notified Sunday morning. Rojo has only consumed water and sports drinks since announcing his decision to hunger strike at a faculty meeting on Tuesday after the denial of his tenure […]

Byerly and Rojo meet; Governance committee to meet this afternoon

President Alison Byerly and Spanish Professor Juan Rojo met face-to-face for the first time on Thursday night regarding Rojo’s hunger strike in response to the denial of his tenure application. A faculty governance committee is planned this afternoon to discuss the tenure review process in response to Rojo’s strike. Any voting member of the faculty can attend as observers, […]